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This dangerous deck is only for the brave. You'll always be in danger of losing the match, but always one combo away from obliterating your opponents.

Focused around the Archer, Footman, and Knight archetypes, this deck is for those who favor the classics. If you're into tanking or flanking, this deck is for you!

The Sorceress is a glass cannon, and this deck has lots of spells, reversals, and buffs to keep her wreaking havoc on your opponents.

Play with three Horor archetypes. The Werewolf is fast and strong, but may transform into a peasant. The Spider wraps opponents into its web, sticking them in place. The Slasher is slow and meticulous, with a deadly chainsaw attack.

The Shaman is the centerpiece of this Horror themed deck. Instead of attacking, she summons and provides bonuses to Zombies.

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