Slow, steady, and strong as can be. A thirst for carnage, however, he will sometimes turn on teammates.

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Slow, steady, and strong as can be. A thirst for carnage, however, he will sometimes turn on teammates.


Straight out of your darkest, scariest nightmares, the Slasher is a foe to be reckoned with. The first time a Slasher was spotted was shortly after the Great War ended. An Archer, a Footman, two Kobolds, and a Troll decided to celebrate their new-found peace by taking a trip up to the mountains in a cabin owned by the Footman's uncle. When nobody heard from them for a week, a search party was sent. The only survivor was one of the Kobolds, who was found hiding in a hollowed out log, crying. He was a nervous wreck, gibbering about chainsaws and hockey masks.


The Slasher is a formidable, dangerous enemy. He is also a formidable, dangerous ally. A student of classic horror films, he has taken on the characteristics of many of his "heroes." Heavily armored, impervious to pain, he will continue to fight and creep towards his enemy when severely hurt. Patience and tact, however, are not traits he posesses. He may decide at any time to Attack his own team, just because. At the beginning of each round, he has a 1 in 4 chance of choosing to target allies.
His biggest weakness is against ranged Minions. Because of his slow creep, those who can stay out of his chainsaw's Range are best equipped to take him down. Archers, Sorceresses, and Catapults have the best chance to inflict damage without too many casualties. Because of this, it's best to deploy the Slasher when your opponent is reliant on Melee Minions.
Due to his slow speed, he can be very effective when setting up a defensive line and waiting for the enemy to come to you (unless he gets bored and ravages your line). He is also highly effective at creating a clearing around your Avatar when you've been inundated with enemies. On larger maps, it can take him many turns to make his way to the battle. As such, it is wise to pair him with Teleportation cards.