A new breed of Tactical Miniatures
  • 1-6 Player Matches
  • Teams & Versus Modes
  • 18 Minions to Control
  • Level Editor
  • 100+ Cards to Use
  • Epic, yet fast matches
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A Digital Board Game like never seen before.

Minion Master is a Digital Boardgame. The first of its kind, Minion Master brings together the moment-to-moment tactics of Collectible Card Games with the long-term strategy of Miniature Wargaming.

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Fast & Frenetic Gameplay

Minion Master moves fast. By putting dice rolling and stat tracking in the computer's hands, Minion Master players are free to focus on tactics and strategy. Additionally, timed rounds keep the game moving along at a brisk pace.

Simultaneous Round Resolution

Minion Master introduces the concept of Round Based Play. During each game round, every Player makes all of his or her moves at the same time. Moves are only revealed at the end of the round, when Minions come to life and battle on the board.

Coop & Versus Multiplayer

Duel against your friends or team up to battle more formidable foes. Test your mettle against the ever growing userbase and see if you are truly a master of the battlefield.
Up to 6 players can join in at a time.

Living Balance

Minion Master is a living, breathing game. Constant balance tweaks always keep the table fair while opening new tactical possibilities and card combinations. Gone are the days of a single combo destroying your deck or not using your favorite-looking minion because it's not effective.

Level Editor

Wargamers know that creating the board can be as much fun as playing the game. The included level editor lets you build to your heart's delight. Choose from over a dozen terrain types and quickly create a multiplayer masterpiece using the built in symmetry modes.

Customized Decks

Tailor decks to your play style and make as many decks as you like with your available cards. Each Minion has unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. With almost 30 Minions and over a hundred Modifier cards to choose from, the combinations are endless.

avoiding the suck

No Cleanup + No Storage

The best part of bringing Miniature War Games to the computer is that you never have to clean it up! No more stepping on tiles and figurines, no more closets stacked to the brim with plastic bins. Just close the Minion Master application and you're done!

Infinite Decks

Digital decks means that Cards can be used an unlimited number of times. Build and store as many decks as you desire! If you have one Card, you can include it in every single deck you make.

No banned cards

Since Minion Master is a living game, Cards are constantly tweaked to keep things balanced. There is no need for the dreaded ban hammer.

Things stay fair, matches stay fun.

Open Development

We know what its like to be out of the loop. We strive to make our development extremely open, allowing you to strategize, give input, and help shape Minion Master's final form. Go ahead and take a look at where we are with every feature, Minion and Card.

Come Join the Fun

The BitFlip team is super excited about this new genre experiment and can't wait to get you playing!

Minion Master isn't finished yet, but pre-order now and you can get instant access to the pre-release versions. So get the game and head over to the getting started section.

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